Community Involvement


Wesley Towers is proud of its not-for-profit status and its ability to contribute to the growth and viability of the Hutchinson community. Wesley Towers appreciates the opportunity to serve the Hutchinson community. It is our philosophy to share our facilities and resources as much as possible without jeopardizing the needs of our residents. We are proud to be a partner and good neighbor in the development of the Hutchinson Community. 

(Photography by Calvin Mattheis/The Hutchinson News)



How does W.T. Benefit Hutchinson & Reno County? 

  • Wesley Towers is a major employer in the community, supporting around 200 employees.
  • Our annual payroll is $6.7 million and our annual operating budget is over $13 million.
  • Wesley Towers serves, on the average, about 750 meals each day.
  • Wesley Towers prepares over 130 meals Monday through Friday for the Hutchinson Meals on Wheels program.
  • Each year, Wesley Towers subsidizes the Meals on Wheels program by almost $160,000.
  • Since 1969, Wesley Towers has provided over $5,000,000 of charitable care for individuals unable to pay for services. Wesley Towers has never asked any resident to leave due to lack of financial means thanks to the Good Samaritan Fund.
  • Wesley Towers works in cooperation with Hutchinson Community College to provide training, education, and employment opportunities for health care professionals throughout the community. Since 1995, this collaboration has trained, certified, and re-certified over 2,000 individuals.
  • Wesley Towers, through bequests and donations, has provided over $180,000 in scholarships to its employees for professional growth, licensed nursing, and certified programs.
  • The Wesley Towers Home Health Agency offers free monthly blood pressure clinics at the following locations:   
    • Delos V. Smith Shepherd Center    
    • Washington Heights    
    • Mission Place
  • Wesley Towers provides meeting room space at no charge to several public and private not-for-profit entities including but not limited to churches, United Way, various Hutchinson City Government departments, Hutchinson Public Schools, American Red Cross and Hospice.



Thank you to Hutchinson, Kansas! 

We are pleased to have been selected for the

Hutchinson News: Reader's Choice 'Best of the Best'

for several years running.  



"I'm in the right place and my children are thankful for that."
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