Wesley Towers, Inc
Board of Trustees

Chairperson: Carol Berger

Vice Chair: Garth Strand

Secretary: Shannon Holmberg

Treasurer: Mike Evans

President and CEO: Mark Mains

Resident Representative: Lowell Downey

Bishop of the Great Plains Conference of the United Methodist Church: Bishop Ruben Saenz, Jr.

Trustee:                   Trustee:
Brad Scheel              Bill Hermes 

Michael Tomson-Degreeff

Patty Parker             Peggy Tuxhorn

Liz Peirce                 Darla Wilson

Wesley Towers Foundation
Board of Trustees

Chairperson: Barbara Withrow

Vice Chair: Ed Johnson

Treasurer: John Denney

Secretary: Nancy Scott

Trustee: Karen Gilliland



"I would rank it very highly. It's a large facility and they have more activities. They have a special activity center where they do various things like they host craft fairs were all the residents get out and participate. They have a theater group, a choir, and all those kinds of things for the residents to participate in. They offer a lot of services. The independent area is very nice. They have some homes that are very high end and are very beautiful. They also have some that had been around longer that are still very nice. They are all brick homes. They have two bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a basement. Those are very nice. Their care just extends to all levels with the health care unit as well. I was at their nursing skilled area frequently with my daughter-in-law's father. He was cared for there until his death. They did an excellent job in taking care of him and in dealing with his Alzheimer's. The skilled nursing area is very well managed and decorated very nicely. They provide good quality care."
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