Letter from the President/CEO 5/25/2021

We can happily report this week that not much has changed since last week. Reno County’s pandemic metrics remain in good territory! KDHE has added Maine to the list of states and counties with travel restrictions. That probably isn’t as relevant to most of you as the many counties in Colorado added a few weeks ago. Because not all staff and residents are vaccinated, we continue to follow the practice of restricting visitors to or from a location on the KDHE list to outdoor or window visits. If a person from or who has visited one of these states or counties has been away from that area for two or more weeks, then indoor visits are permissible. Airline travel layovers in restricted states or counties are not subject to the same travel restrictions. Please remember recent CDC guidance for vaccinated people is not applicable to health care settings or settings where very vulnerable people reside. But stay tuned because these rules are rapidly changing as more information about the efficacy of the vaccines becomes available. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call us! Thank you and please continue to practice distancing and good hand hygiene when in public places regardless of your vaccination status. There are still other "bugs” out there and good hand hygiene and distance are great ways to not catch those either!

Mark Mains



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