Letter from the President/CEO 5/18/2021

Reno County’s pandemic numbers continue to be very good, for which we are indeed grateful! With more data indicating the vaccines are effective, the CDC recently has changed some of its guidance for vaccinated individuals in the general public. Please note, most of the CDC guidance contains a caveat that the new rules are not applicable to certain organizations, including healthcare settings, and are subject to guidance from state and local health authorities as well as rules implemented by individual businesses. Our licensed areas are deemed healthcare settings and considering that fact coupled with the vulnerability of our residents to the virus, we are maintaining several of our visitation practices. Virtual, window, and outdoor visits remain the safest type of visit to avoid spread of infection.

Here is a review of our current indoor visiting guidelines:

  • If you are feeling ill, please do not visit
  • All visitors screen in at the Towers building Front Desk and then drive to the applicable building (if not visiting someone in the Towers or Manor apartments)
  • Visitors proceed directly to the resident’s room and directly to the exit when the visit is concluded
  • Please do not visit with other residents or staff members not involved in your resident’s care in the room
  • Please use hand sanitizer before entering and upon leaving the resident’s room
  • Food and drink may be left for a resident to enjoy later – please do not eat or drink during the visit
  • If both you and your resident are vaccinated, neither of you need to wear a mask or maintain physical distancing while in your resident’s room
  • Masks must be always worn and physical distancing practiced when outside of your resident’s room
  • Visitors from restricted states, counties, or countries, as listed on the KDHE website, are not able to visit indoors regardless of vaccination status (outdoor visits are welcome)

For those following our updates, you may notice that at times we refer to CMS or CDC guidance as the final authority and other instances, we refer to local or state health agencies. These references are dependent primarily on how CDC and CMS word new guidance. We’ve noticed when increasing restrictions, CMS tends to not include the ability to look to state or local authorities. When loosening restrictions, CDC and CMS take the opposite approach. Typically, all of these agencies agree that we must follow whichever agency issues the most stringent guidance. Much of this is very confusing, even to those of us on 4 or more webinars per week updating guidance from these various agencies.

Please do all you can to stay healthy! Thank you.


Mark Mains



"We have had nothing but excellent treatment since moving into our duplex. We feel comfortable and safe and it is comforting knowing there are people here to help mom if she needs anything. "
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