Letter from the President/CEO 4/27/2021

There isn’t much to report this week as pandemic metrics and guidance didn’t change significantly last week. We’ve been told the CDC will issue new recommendations very soon with regard to nursing homes now that most residents across the country are vaccinated and new data regarding the effectiveness of the vaccines is available. Once CDC information is published, CMS and KDHE will interpret it and create new guidance for the industry. Regarding updates more specific to Wesley Towers; barring a positive test for an employee or resident, indoor visitation in Hester should resume Thursday. I will send an update once we have received all results from today’s round of testing. Please remember that restrictions to visitation may be implemented with very little notice. Restrictions in general are based on county virus data or a positive test being returned for an employee or resident. Specific restrictions may center around a cluster outbreak being reported by KDHE for a local business, church or gathering or travel-based restrictions being imposed for people coming from a state with high virus numbers. It is best practice to contact us and review the KDHE website before visiting from another state.  

Please remain diligent in your efforts to stay well and practice good habits when in public places. Thank you!

Mark Mains



"We have had nothing but excellent treatment since moving into our duplex. We feel comfortable and safe and it is comforting knowing there are people here to help mom if she needs anything. "
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