Mind & Matters

Information and Education about Learning and Aging  

 Listen to Dr. Jerree Forbes and his special guests on Saturday mornings from 11:00am to noon on either KWBW 1450 AM or 98.5 FM for Mind and Matters.

Mind and Matters is an informational and educational radio program about learning and aging. It features best practices, research and real world application of techniques and methods to improve learning and general performance as we age. The matters of life and of learning are varied and interesting. They are common to everyone.

The purpose of Mind and Matters is for listeners to add life to their years through the information discussed on the program.

 John Brennan (right) & Dr. Forbes (left) in the KWBW recording studio

You will hear about the mind, brain, and learning throughout the life span on Mind and Matters. Because aging is about life and learning is a way for us to improve our life, we explore research and best practices in learning and aging.

If you care for someone who may have a challenge in their memory, attention, or learning as they age, you may be interested in joining Mind and Matters on Saturday mornings at 11:05am. The show includes topics, research and discussion of all things learning and all things aging.


There are three segments to the show:
The first segment emphasizes a targets topic selected from research or published materials. It addresses a wide variety of matters related to learning and aging.

The second features guests in person or by telephone.

The third segment is a single segment that summarizes earlier discussions and presents cases from practice files or other sources or highlights published case reviews or listener comments and inquiries. 

Dr. Forbes discussing Cognitive Programming.


A short feature of show is Brain Point which consists of a 60 second spotlight on a selected learning or aging fact or key point. In this segment we will make a point about the brain - something we call Brain Point.  We want listeners to use this information to learn and apply their brain in new ways.  Brain Point gives a quick summary of research, or other key points from recent literature regarding learning, aging and the brain.   

Guests have included Lynn Nisly and Mark Mains of Wesley Towers, Dr. Deanna Marshall, Dr. Jeff Davis with Prairie Health & Wellness, Mrs. Willie Redman, MLCSW, with MindWorks Therapy, Dr. Mark Glover and Barbara Lilyhorn from the Reno County Department on Aging.

If you have a topic you would like discussed or you would like to ask a question regarding learning or aging to be answered on air, you may write to Dr. Forbes at info@MindandMatters.org or send a letter to the Cognitive Learning Center at 910 Coronado Drive in Hutchinson, KS 67502.




"The activities at Wesley Towers are like a support group for all of us."
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