Hutchinson Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels was organized in 1973 out of this community's commitment to help those in need.  Since then, Meals on Wheels has provided nourishing meals from the Wesley Towers kitchen to hundreds of residents who need help.

Meals on Wheels provides nutritious, balanced meals to those unable to prepare their own food - the homebound, the young and the old, the handicapped, the disabled, or those recuperating from an illness or injury.  The meals are delivered to each home 5 days a week, all year-round, by dedicated volunteers.

A volunteer board of directors governs the nonprofit Corporation founded in 1973 and Gloria Holtz, director, oversees daily operations.  Meals on Wheels is supported by those receiving the meals as well as contributions from individuals, corporations, foundations, the United Way, The Reno County Council on Aging and more. 

Without our volunteers and donations, Meals on Wheels would not exist.  Whether you choose to serve as a volunteer, or make a monetary contribution, your help is noticed and greatly appreciated! 

Click Here to learn more about Meals on Wheels or call (620) 665-5711.



"I would rank it very highly. It's a large facility and they have more activities. They have a special activity center where they do various things like they host craft fairs were all the residents get out and participate. They have a theater group, a choir, and all those kinds of things for the residents to participate in. They offer a lot of services. The independent area is very nice. They have some homes that are very high end and are very beautiful. They also have some that had been around longer that are still very nice. They are all brick homes. They have two bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a basement. Those are very nice. Their care just extends to all levels with the health care unit as well. I was at their nursing skilled area frequently with my daughter-in-law's father. He was cared for there until his death. They did an excellent job in taking care of him and in dealing with his Alzheimer's. The skilled nursing area is very well managed and decorated very nicely. They provide good quality care."
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