Mindworks Therapy, LLC
Willie Redman, LSCSW

Mission Statement


MindWorksTherapy, LLC, is a counseling service located on the campus of Wesley Towers. I am Willie Redman, a licensed, clinical social worker, and have recently opened MindWorks Therapy for several reasons. 

There are times in a person’s life when all they can see is darkness, all they can feel is pain, and all they hear are words of shame and guilt.  During these crucial times we all need someone to turn to for help and guidance. 

I am a Christian counselor and therefore have a Christian worldview and operate from a biblical standpoint.  I am well educated and possess vast experience. Most importantly I pray with my clients, for my clients, and offer on going support.  It is my intention to be available during times of crisis rather than have clients call an 800 number and speak to someone they have never met before about very personal issues.  The number of sessions, length of sessions, and frequency of visits are tailored for each individual client. 

I became a teacher for children who struggled with social and academic issues.  After teaching several years I knew it was important I pursue a degree in social work.  I have a master’s degree in social work from Washburn University.  I am also a licensed at the clinical level.  I retired in 2016 from the public school arena and opened MindWorks Therapy that same year.






"Wesley Towers has been great. Things could not be better because the staff is wonderful. We went through some rooms, chose the one we like the best, and put our name down for that one. They sent us a sheet which listed everything there is to do every week. They have tours with a small bus that goes the around the state. They go to eat at restaurants in town, and they take people to civic functions like the community concert. I like the friendliness of the staff and the people that lived there. I also like that they have a lot of activities. "
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