Residential Living

Treasure your independence

Residential living at Wesley Towers includes a spacious apartment with access to our many services and amenities. Whether you choose the unmatched views from the 5th floor of the Towers building or the affordability of the Asbury Apartments, you’ll experience worry-free living in a secure environment. Many options and floor plans are available to suit your budget and lifestyle. 













As a Wesley Towers apartment resident, you’re able to treasure your independence, yet take advantage of our array of services including meals and guest meals, activities, exercise classes, outings and excursions, seasonal offerings, entertainment, and movies to list a few. Residents enjoy getting to know each other and entertaining visitors in our several common areas.

Home health services and transportation are available, relieving concerns of handling medical issues alone or burdening your children when you have an appointment. 

Come see for yourself why we believe there is no better place to call home than Wesley Towers!

Wesley Towers: 700 Monterey Pl

Wesley Manor: 620 Monterey Pl

Asbury Apartments: 3707 Asbury Dr



"I'm in the right place. Folks around here are great; the food is incredible and the transportation is helpful since I no longer have a vehicle."
- Reverend Robert Brooks More Testimonials