Wesley Towers Crochet Group Donates IV Covers

This past month, the Crochet Group has been working diligently on IV covers for Wesley Children's Hospital in Wichita, KS. The ladies delivered the donation of 40 IV covers in October, then enjoyed a fabulous lunch at the Beautiful Day Café, and of course stopped at their favorite craft stores to stock up for their next projects.

Hope Jordan, Life Enrichment Coordinator, said, "We have some absolutely talented ladies who have created a lot of beautiful things. We have some neat projects that we are excited to unveil in the coming weeks!"

"This is so awesome. My one-year-old was in Wesley in September and had a crochet IV cover! So nice for little hands that want to pull everything out. Thank you!" Kelsi Miller, Facebook follower stated. And, "We were there in May and had one also. We called it her "pretties" so she wouldn't mess with it. I agree that it is so helpful for curious little ones!" said Nicole Beauchamp, Facebook follower.



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