Ulster Project Teens Return to Wesley Towers

Wesley Towers was honored to once again be a visitation site for the Ulster Project where we were joined with 35 teens and their counselors from Reno County and Portadown, Northern Ireland. We shared a delightful afternoon as they received a walking tour of our campus, including a demonstrative talk in our new, efficient greenhouse. A highlight from their visit to Wesley Towers was their afternoon visit with residents, sharing stores and their photo albums. The teens wrapped up their visit with our residents with a delightful talent show performance of song and dance.



"I’m glad I made the move to Wesley Towers as I knew it wasn’t safe to live at home anymore. The staff is nice, I like my neighbors and everyone I meet is nice. The nurses are great and the maintenance department was so helpful in getting my apartment exactly how I wanted it when moving here. I enjoy living at Wesley Towers."
-Lois Coleman More Testimonials