Long-time Volunteer Honored for Service

Wesley Towers honored a long-time volunteer, Marie Thode, for her 20 years of service as a Sing Along leader to Amy Morgan, Hester Care Center Activities Coordinator.

"About 20 years ago I put an ad into the Wesley Towers Pinksheet and 'RSVP' group looking for a volunteer to lead a  Sing Along as residents were asking for it, and didn't like the Karaoke version," Amy says.  "At the time, I didn't know many of the popular songs from that generation. Marie's mother-in-law was Thelma Groth, and Thelma was very helpful and involved in the Independent Living activities. She recommended this group to Marie, and Marie to me. She had many song books from her company and was comfortable right away here. Also, many of our residents are close with her at Trinity United Methodist Church and knew her from her involvement in Sunday School."

Marie started bringing her dog, Odie Thode, with her each week to the Sing Along. Odie loved to be petted and could jump through a hoop for tricks. Residents enjoy Odie and also her second dog, KC who was a stray dog from Kansas City. Same as Odie, KC loved to come to Wesley Towers with Marie. Both dogs were the reason for some residents to come and participate in the activities.

"I deeply value the time and effort Marie has put into her service at Wesley Towers! Amy says. She brings a positive energy with her and is a bit of sunshine to all of us. There are times when she hasn't been able to make it home due illness, weather, or supporting a friend at a funeral. During these times it feels as though something is missing; the residents miss her. She's not only a volunteer; she's a friend"  



"I'm in the right place. Folks around here are great; the food is incredible and the transportation is helpful since I no longer drive a vehicle."
- Reverend Robert Brooks More Testimonials