Letter from the President/CEO regarding visitation and survey

This week, our outdoor visits continued in our licensed areas and it is indeed heartwarming to see people coming together again, even if through a Plexiglas barrier while donning masks. The number of positive cases in our community appears to have leveled off for the week, but we were saddened to hear of the first death attributed to the virus in Reno County. Though Reno County appears to be stabilizing with regard to new cases, this week we heard of 11 new cases reported in neighboring Harvey County and Sedgwick County is now closing bars and nightclubs for a month to curtail its escalating numbers. We were also made aware of a large senior community in Wichita reporting a cluster of positive cases. We continue to proceed with utmost caution because the severity of the virus is very real and our residents are the most susceptible population for complications and fatalities, as we are reminded of daily in all the statistics reported locally and globally.  

On a more positive note, if we continue on this course of stabilized new cases in Reno County and if no positive tests are present on our campus, Wesley Towers will seek guidance from the Reno County Health Department to move into the next phase of reopening before the first of August. The next phase includes adding to the number of visitors per resident/couple. As I note in every correspondence, nothing in our plan is considered concrete because the situation can change in an instant. If the number of positive cases begins to increase in the county or if a positive case is discovered at Wesley Towers, previous restrictions will be immediately implemented.

Another positive note this week was an onsite review of our infection control practices by the regulatory agency, KDADS, in Hester and Collier. Both were found to be free of deficient practices and the efforts of our team were complimented by the surveyor. This comes on the heels of the same results from the KDADS review of Thorne Care Center. Our team is working hard to keep our residents safe. Please stay vigilant and practice good hand hygiene and distancing as you go about your activities!



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