Letter from the President/CEO 9/4/2020

The number of active cases in our county continued to trend downward this week, which of course is excellent news! Last week, I noted CMS had issued new regulations mostly surrounding requirements for staff and resident testing. At this point, Wesley Towers has not received the testing resources promised by CMS and will not begin the testing associated with the new regulations until it arrives. We will send out more information as it is available. We’ve learned this week that testing resources may be distributed for "independent” assisted living facilities. We don’t yet know if Wesley Towers will receive these resources or if regulations will accompany them. The tests for assisted living were reported to be a new device from Abbott Labs that is far less expensive, less invasive, and offers a quick result. We’ve read about this device recently, but indications were the entire capacity for production for the rest of the year had been purchased by the federal government for distribution to school systems. It would be good news if we do indeed receive these friendlier testing devices and further, if we could deploy them for residents and staff in all areas. Again, we’ll send more information as it becomes available.

Please enjoy the Labor Day weekend and stay safe. If you are a designated visitor, please remember to follow all the safety rules regarding distancing, hand hygiene, and mask usage.

Thank you and stay safe!

Mark Mains



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