Letter from the President/CEO 3/30/2021

Thankfully, there were no significant changes made to the new visitation rules this past week, though there remain some contradictory messages when listening to health authorities’ interpretation of the rules as compared to what is written. These inconsistencies potentially affect us as providers, but do not have much impact on the basic parameters contained in the new visitation guidelines. There were a few more states added as to the list of travel concerns and people traveling from these states would not be able to visit residents at Wesley Towers until at least two weeks have passed after leaving the restricted state and they have no symptoms. The restricted states now include New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Delaware, and Michigan. Please visit the KDHE website before visiting to ensure that you are not traveling from a state where you will need to quarantine upon arrival. https://www.coronavirus.kdheks.gov/175/Travel-Exposure-Related-Isolation-Quaran. This list likely will change frequently and without notice in the coming days and weeks. Federal authorities reported this weekend that the US is experiencing many new cases each day, which is what is driving the travel warnings. We’re hopeful this trend of experiencing escalating numbers of COVID-19 cases doesn’t start to occur locally. As we’ve noted, the new visitation guidance is clear that significant increases in county infections rates or a positive case on campus will result in visitation restrictions returning, at least temporarily. Because we remain in a pandemic and numbers appear to be increasing in many states, we encourage you to visit when possible!

Please continue to practice good infection control practices when in public places. Have a wonderful and joyous Easter!

Mark Mains



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