Letter from the President/CEO 2/9/2021

Despite the terrible weather, our vaccine clinics are proceeding as planned. As we noted last week, we are not scheduling visits this week in anticipation of mild side effects with residents and staff. All reports indicate the chance of side effects with the second dose of the vaccine are more likely and more intense than with the first. Reno County positive case numbers and rates continue trending downward, which is very good news. We’re planning for indoor visits to begin in all buildings next week provided nothing changes. Unfortunately, one positive test among residents or employees resets the clock and we then have to go two weeks with no positive tests to begin indoor visits again in the affected area(s). The other factor that may hamper visitation is county positive test rates, which must remain below ten percent as measured by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. Please note, the availability and administration of the vaccine, as of today anyway, has no impact on lessening visitation restrictions or any other regulations affecting life at Wesley Towers. The regulatory agencies and industry experts have emphasized this point during every update received over the past few weeks. County positive test rates and positive tests on campus will continue to determine the degree of visitation restrictions in place until we are notified otherwise by federal and state authorities. Please continue to follow safe practices when in public and stay healthy.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Mark Mains



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