Letter from the President/CEO 11/17/2020

The news continues to be mostly negative regarding COVID-19 in our county and indeed, worldwide. I say mostly negative because I heard reports of a second vaccine showing promise during Phase 3 testing and it is much easier to store and transport than the Pfizer vaccine. We’ve lost several Hutchinson residents over the past few weeks; some of whom I knew personally and were friends of Wesley Towers. We offer our condolences to all who have lost loved ones to this horrible disease. Sunday, we reported two staff members tested positive for the virus and that they were assigned to the Thorne Care Center. I made an error in the report because one of the two was typically assigned to the Hester Care Center. Fortunately, this person hasn’t worked a shift in in any area in nearly three weeks. No residents tested positive in the latest round of testing conducted last Thursday. We’re revising plans for Thanksgiving events for our residents, which of course will look very different this year.

Please continue to stay safe and practice good habits when in public!

Mark Mains



"The activities at Wesley Towers are like a support group for all of us."
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