Letter from the President/CEO 11/10/2020

You undoubtedly have heard the news of the proliferation of COVID-19 in Reno County. We’re now over 1,000 positive cases, the hospital is suspending elective surgeries, has erected a triage tent, and is at capacity, and the death toll is now at 22. Area physicians and other health professionals hosted a townhall meeting last Thursday and expressed their alarm at how bad the situation is getting in the county, and beyond. The bad news unfortunately doesn’t stop at our doorstep. Five staff members tested positive during routine testing Friday; though thankfully, no residents in the licensed areas or common buildings have tested positive to date. What is more disruptive even than the number of positive staff members is the number of employees out on mandatory quarantines for various reasons. That number now exceeds 25. Because of resulting staff shortages in nearly all areas, we are focusing all staff resources on resident care and services and suspending processes outside of that focus. This unfortunately includes temporarily canceling on-campus visitation until further notice. We’ll reinstate visitation as soon as some of these quarantines expire and employees come back to work.


Please continue to call and virtually visit residents as much as possible. Hopefully the news yesterday of a potential vaccine on the horizon is accurate and we pray for an end to this nightmare soon. 


Mark Mains



"We have had nothing but excellent treatment since moving into our duplex. We feel comfortable and safe and it is comforting knowing there are people here to help mom if she needs anything. "
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