Letter from the President/CEO 10/2/2020

This was indeed a challenging week for the county and for Wesley Towers. The school district announced it is going to its hybrid plan starting next week because of the prevalence of the virus in the community. At Wesley Towers, during routine staff testing, we had three positive results returned this week. The employees were immediately removed from duty and sent home to quarantine. No other tests were positive and we are monitoring all staff and residents very closely.

We were fortunate in that we were one of the last senior communities in the county to encounter positive test results and we are hearing from many of our colleagues across the state of the number of positive cases increasing among staff and residents. I heard on the radio this week that the NFL franchise Tennessee Titans may not be able to play its game against Pittsburgh this weekend because several players and personnel have tested positive. Even billion-dollar organizations like the Titans in a multi-billion-dollar league like the NFL can't keep this virus away from personnel or players. This is true despite their having nearly unlimited resources to employ at the problem. To presume any organization is immune to positive test results among staff members or others is just not realistic. We will, however, continue to be diligent in our efforts and try our best to mitigate the risk to our residents and staff.

Please continue to call, send cards and flowers, and visit if you can. We know there are far more people with the virus in the county than our positive test counts indicate and the best way to keep kids in school and the virus out of senior communities is for people to follow all the healthy-living guidance provided by our health department and the CDC.

Mark Mains



"The activities at Wesley Towers are like a support group for all of us."
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