Letter from the President/CEO 1/12/2021

The big news regarding the pandemic remains the availability of the vaccine. We are working with the national provider, Walgreen’s, to coordinate the onsite administration events that are scheduled to occur on the 18th and 19th. As we noted late last week, we’re now much more optimistic Walgreen’s will have enough vaccine for the entire campus. We are continuously monitoring the metric used by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment to determine when we’d be eligible to host indoor visitation in Reno County. The trend has been in the right direction for the past few weeks, but we’re still above the threshold. Hopefully the predictions of many health experts of a spike in case numbers following the holidays turn out to be false.

Another bit of good news is the beauticians are able to return to our licensed buildings this week, which is a huge relief. If all goes well, the beautician who works in our Towers building will be able to return next week. I worked for a company years ago whose executives used "guardedly optimistic” frequently because the CEO didn’t like to be surprised by bad news. I never cared for the term at the time, but I think it truly applies to where we are today with COVID-19. We’re guardedly optimistic that there soon will be a visible light at the end of this very long and dark tunnel. 

Thank you and please stay safe!

Mark Mains



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