Letter from the President/CEO

Dear Residents, Families, and Friends,
We have some new information and must apologize for an erroneous message on the 19th. We accidentally reposted our update from the morning of the 12th, which was no longer accurate with regard to guidance from the State regulatory agency, KDADS. We have received new direction from the State, and we are working on our policies and plan.

Last Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, KDADS hosted webinars to review its reopening guidance for nursing homes and assisted livings respectively. The guidance for each license category is almost identical and we’ll apply a single plan to both for the sake of expediency and simplicity. A significant component in the State requirements is the plan must be developed in consultation with the local health authority. For us, this would be the Reno County Health Department (RCHD). As I’ve stated several times, Nick Baldetti, our health department director, has been very accommodating of the special and unique circumstances present in senior communities. Several providers met with Nick last week to open the conversation regarding writing our plans for reopening.

The process for developing the plan, which is well underway at Wesley Towers, includes consultation with industry experts and peer groups to develop best practices and assure regulatory compliance. The draft will then be reviewed by the RCHD and amended as needed. Since recent legislation singled out our industry as being denied immunity from litigation associated with the pandemic, industry experts, trade associations, and many providers are seeking legal counsel review and opinions as well. Unfortunately, developing the plan isn’t as simple or timely as we would prefer.

Important to note is the State guidance calls for our plans to have phases and the provider should be behind the broader community in terms of relaxing restrictions. Again, the plan must be developed in consultation with the RCHD and Wesley Towers will seek the opinion of the health department before advancing from one phase to the next. Another very important factor is the entire plan is predicated on Wesley Towers having no positive cases and the broader community not experiencing and increase in pandemic concerns as determined by the RCHD. If either of these factors are present, we will revert to prior restrictions and basically start over.

We’ll have the plan out to you just as soon as we can. We are all looking forward to more normal times!
Mark Mains



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