Therapy & Recovery Services at Wesley Towers  

Following a hip or knee surgery or a bout with a short-term illness, you can rely on Wesley Towers Recovery Services to get you back into your active lifestyle!

We're here for you ... just long enough to get you back on your feet to return home!

Wesley Towers provides a comfortable, family environment for clients on their road to recovery. Therapy services are provided for outpatient and inpatient care. Medicare Part A and Part B are accepted, along with other insurances.

Summit Care has been a provider for long term care since 2001 and combined more than 30 years of proven success in the long-term care industry. We know that no two people will face injury, illness or surgery in exactly the same way. Therefore, our therapists focus on getting to know the resident, before treating the illness. 

  • Lymphedema Program
  • Fractures Joint Replacements
  • Pre/Post Surgical Rehab 
  • Wound Care 
  • Stroke 
  • Head Injuries 
  • Dementia 
  • Cognition/Memory 
  • Parkinson's Disease 
  • Swallowing Disorders


Therapy Services 

Part A is for those in the nursing facility (Thorne CareHester Care Center or Recovery Services) who are receiving "skilled nursing services" as ordered by their physician, in addition to meeting the requirements that Medicare sets for skilled nursing services.  

Part B is for those receiving out-patient therapy for someone living in an apartment, duplex, patio home, heritage home, or in the Hutchinson community. A resident in Hester Care Center or Thorne Care Center can also receive therapy service under Part B, if they are not eligible to receive them under Part A.

Through a combination of the following "disciplines”, our qualified staff work with patients to insure a positive treatment and recovery: 

The three disciplines of therapy:

  • Physical Therapy - Improve strength, reduce pain and adapt to mobility challenges
  • Occupational Therapy - Train self-care, home and work management skills
  • Speech Therapy - Utilize verbal and non-verbal communication to improve functional communication and swallowing skills 


By getting to know the resident first, we are able to design a Plan of Care which is driven by resident preference. Summit Care prides itself on our innovative Person-Centered care and our ability to adapt to the ever changing demands of the profession. This philosophy combined with the seamless integration of the therapy and facility staff, yield stronger clinical outcomes and higher resident satisfaction.

Once you return home, our team of home health staff will continue to follow you, to insure your safety.

Your success is our goal!


To learn more about the Therapy and Recovery Services at Wesley Towers,

call 620-694-1243 or 888-663-9175.      



"I feel safe here, the staff is wonderful and so nice. Sometimes we just get silly."
- Connie Wise More Testimonials