CPR Training at Wesley Towers

Wesley Towers offers CPR training that is open to the public and groups such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and foster families. The four-hour course consists of hands-on and classroom training with our feedback manikins where you receive immediate feedback on the effectiveness of your compression's. Taking a CPR class in person is a great opportunity because you are exposed to the concepts through various teaching methods which can reinforce the key points of this important skill.

CPR classes are quite comprehensive and detailed, offering you plenty of information, demonstration and practice. Please arrive a few minutes early so you can find a seat and collect all of your practice materials and instruction manual.

Please contact Daniel Joyner, Clinical Educator Specialist, at (620) 694-1281 to learn more.



"I’m glad I made the move to Wesley Towers as I knew it wasn’t safe to live at home anymore. The staff is nice, I like my neighbors and everyone I meet is nice. The nurses are great and the maintenance department was so helpful in getting my apartment exactly how I wanted it when moving here. I enjoy living at Wesley Towers."
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