Wesley Towers, Inc
Board of Trustees


Chairperson: Randy Myers
Vice Chair: Lisa Gleason
Secretary: Shannon Holmberg
Treasurer: Steve Seltzer
President and CEO: Mark Mains
Resident Representative: Mary Trock
Bishop of the Great Plains Conference of the United Methodist Church: Bishop Ruben Saenz, Jr.
Past Chair: Carolyn Patterson

Carol Berger
Bill Binford 
Patty Crews
Jack Diekman
Toyla Frondorf
Rev. Lennie Maxwell
Greg Payton
Liz Peirce
Ron Salyer 
Brad Scheel
Garth Strand 
Peggy Tuxhorn

Wesley Towers Foundation
Board of Trustees


Chairperson: Jim Haskell
Vice Chair: Gary Witham
Treasurer: Russell Reinert
Secretary: Steve Childs
Trustee: Barbara Withrow
Trustee: Nancy A. Scott





"I'm in the right place. Folks around here are great; the food is incredible and the transportation is helpful since I no longer drive a vehicle."
- Reverend Robert Brooks More Testimonials